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Electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was just the beginning of a long road to equality. We believe in bringing awareness to marginalized communities to work towards ending the cycle of oppression. With our platform, we have the ability and obligation to build a better future for everyone.

Our coalition, which is comprised almost entirely of Gen-Z, seeks to accomplish our goals via the following initiatives:

Government: We want to ensure that young people are actively engaged in politics, even post-election. That includes campaigns for the Georgia Senate runoffs, sharing information about legislation, and supporting candidates that uphold our values in future elections.

Fundraising: Through merch sales and other fundraising efforts, we support progressive causes in any way possible. All proceeds from our fundraising are donated to charities that fight for racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental improvement, and similar interests.

Awareness: We raise awareness about the issues that matter most to Gen-Z, including, but not limited to: Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, climate action, environmental impacts, women’s rights, safety and freedom of Muslims in China, rights for all minorities, and many more topics of social justice.

Change: Most importantly, we want to enact lasting change to build a better future. We’re privileged to have such a large platform, and it’s our ultimate goal to use that platform for social good. There’s great power in a collective voice like ours, and we’ll use it to push a progressive agenda in the Biden administration.


We're a coalition of Gen Z that believes that everyone, regardless of who they are or what they identify with, deserves equal rights. We aim to bring awareness to marginalized communities via our collective social media following. Join us today to get updates on our movement, future events, and volunteer opportunities!

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